Our Foundation

By connecting local businesses and educators, we are helping to develop a skilled workforce resulting in a strong economic future for our communities.

About Career Connect SW

By 2021, Washington will have over 740,000 job openings. And we have the talent right here at home to fill them.

Career Connect Southwest (SW) is one of nine regional career connected learning networks under the larger Career Connect Washington (CCW), as well as a partner network of Washington STEM. Formerly known in the ESD 112 region as the Southwest Washington STEM Network, we have realigned our services to more effectively meet the career development needs of all of Southwest Washington’s youth.

Career Connect SW has three local networks spanning six counties that are all committed to working with education, business and community partners to further the goals of CCW while focusing on the specific opportunities and needs of the region.

Our Vision

Each student graduates with clear pathways from school to prosperous career opportunities that are not predictable by social, cultural, gender, racial or economic factors.

Our Mission

Career Connect SW engages with K12, higher education, business, industry and the community to expand the skilled workforce through work-related learning opportunities that serve K12 students in every community in the ESD 112 region.

The Career Connect SW Network does this by:

Collaborating with experts in education, workforce and industry to develop programs and share best practices that align the bridge from school to work.

Creating opportunities for every student to engage in authentic problem-based learning based on high demand industry careers and to graduate STEM literate.


Connecting teachers and business/industry partners to facilitate culturally-relevant learning opportunities and to support teachers in meaningful community engagement.