Career Connect Southwest

CCSW Newsletter
Quarter 4

From the Governance Board

Strategic planning work continues to revise the CCSW Network vision, mission and goals. We’re excited to share this progress in your regional board meetings. The Career Connect SW team has begun to develop data collection protocols to demonstrate our collective success in serving students from underserved populations. We invite your partnership in developing this local initiative to measure success.
CCSW presented our request for continued support for Career Connect Washington alongside the High Tech Council at a December 9th Legislative Outreach event.

Columbia River STEM Network

On November 19, Career Connect SW worked with Wahkiakum School District to arrange a Virtual Speed Networking session on Careers in Engineering. Nineteen Juniors and Seniors participated with four professionals from backgrounds in electrical, software, aerospace, and mechanical engineering.
Virtual Career Panel
"Making goals and pursuing them leads serendipitously to other opportunities you would never have had the opportunity to pursue if you had not started on a challenging journey. The end is not known, but we all start at the beginning."
  • Jonesy Worrall
    Chief IP Council at General Electric
"Thank you for the discussion about each of your occupations. It really gave me an excitement to get into a math or science field and allowed me to understand it more. It was very interesting to hear how different each of your paths were. Thank you so much for taking the time with us and answering our questions. It was very engaging and informative."
  • Wahkiakum Junior

Gorge Advisory Board

nPower Gorge Girls
On December 16, we launched nPower Gorge Girls in partnership with Trillium Engineering. This online, after school event brought several middle school students together from 5 different school districts to share their ideas on STEM career paths and meet women working as engineers that live in their communities. We have 5 more events planned for this school year with other career focus areas.
“I would like to do archaeology or paleontology because I’ve always thought history was cool and I like science. I think the human structure is cool.”

“I think I would like to be a math teacher because I like fractions.”
nPower Girls

Clark Regional CCL Board

Following our summer Teacher Construction Externship program, the Network responded to Evergreen CTE teacher Susan Mangin’s request to provide take-home construction kits to her students during remote learning. Construction partners from Oregon and Washington donated over $1,500 for the supplies, and CCSW staff created and delivered the kits to Heritage High School.